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It started as a Facebook page on May 5, 2010, created by Raina, a Japanese-filipino med student. It has 3,720 likes at present. After a month, June 5, 2010 a forum site was created by Kim Morano which has 510 registered members now. On the same month, a globe text clan has started and it was called APH. It has 60 members at present. After a month, July 2, 2010 two different text clans were merged to form ARPH, the smart text clan which has 30 members at present.

Afterwards, a twitter account was created which has 258 followers at present. An recently, a Livejournal account was created.

Last May 28, 2011, the first gathering was held in celebration of our 1st anniversary.

We are open for all Arashi fans here in the Philippines.

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